Materiality Concept

Financial statements are prepared to help the users with their decisions. Hence, all such information which has the ability to affect the decisions of the users of financial statements is material and this property of information is called materiality.

In deciding whether a piece of information is material or not requires considerable judgment. Information is material either due to the amount involved or due to the importance of the event.


  1. The government of the country in which the company operates in working on a new legislation which would seriously impair the company's operations in future. Although there are no figures involved but the impact is so large that disclosure is imminent.
  2. The remuneration paid to the executives and the directors is material.
  3. The accounting policies are material because they help the users understand the figures.

Materiality might be based on a percentage of sales such as 0.5% of sales or on total assets. Materiality is helpful in determining which figures are to be reported on income statement and balance sheet and which one in the notes. It is also helpful in helping decide which items should appear as line items and which ones are aggregated with others.

Written by Obaidullah Jan, ACA, CFA